Exclusive Figure Skating Performance Costumes

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Asel Design customizes and designs unique artistic apparel for Figure Skating Performance, both for female and male skaters of any level.

Costumes designed by our team have been worn by successful Ice Skaters all around the world for around 10 years.

You can customize any dress from Our Store and our Photogallery or develop a completely new design of costume in accordance to your vision. We can tailor your outfit to complement your music, perfectly fit your body and your budget.

We will do our best to help you to live your dream!

Order conditions

It usually takes around 3-4 weeks to manufacture a customized dress from our Store. The average production time of an Exclusive Order is a minimum of 5-6 weeks. Please place your orders in advance to have enough time for shipment.


Since all dresses are custom made we ask that you contact us to receive an appropriate price estimation. Please note that we can start the production process only after we receive full payment of your order in cleared funds including all shipping costs.


All orders are shipped with DHL Express delivery services. In average it takes around 6-7 days before you receive your order.

Return policy

All custom designed apparel is non-refundable as it is made to your specifications.


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